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Export ScriptRunner scripted fields to Excel. ScriptRunner is the most powerful app to extend and customize Jira with every kind of custom logic, programmed in Groovy scripts. Among other extension points, you can implement custom fields with it, whose values are programmatically calculated or automatically loaded from external databases, APIs or other sources.

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ScriptRunner Custom Email: Include issue type icon in body of email template . MEDITECH ADMIN TEAM Apr 26, 2017. I am using the 'ScriptRunner workflow function - Send a custom email' on the Create transition for a specific issue type. I would like to display the corresponding issue type icon in two places within the email body.
If you're a ScriptRunner user, the Create Page Macro can be an even better way to encourage your users to use standardised page creation than by highlighting specific blueprints in the "Create Page" dialog. This quick solution prompts users to create new pages with a pre-specified template, in a pre-specified location, with pre-added labels ...
Copy the ID of the custom field and safe it somewhere; Install Scriptrunner. Create a new scripted field (get value) Navigate to the "Script fields" section in the "Manage Apps" settings; Click on "Create Script Field" Choose "Custom Script Field" Type in a name and choose the template "Duration" Add the following Script
Notice that the "Test Day" custom field will be available in Scriptrunner Script Fields. Click on "Edit" to add the JavaScript from below. Choose the option "Text Field (multi-line)" as the "Template" and paste the following Javascript in as a "Inline script".
Many Jira users or admins have to perform search queries using Jira Query Language (JQL) everyday. But JQL out-of-the-box can be limiting. Luckily, JQL functions in ScriptRunner let you perform complex searches and create custom Jira Software boards. ScriptRunner offers a large library of useful JQL functions, as well as the ability to create your own queries.
All of the ScriptRunner workflows functions are found on the normal Workflows page of Jira Administration (Administration>Issues>Workflows).Edit an existing workflow and click on the transition you wish to add a conditon to, then Condtitions>Add Condition>Script Condition [ScriptRunner].
Import custom scripts and ScriptRunner ActionPack scripts; Development of new scripts with templates; Let's take a closer look at these. New integrated script editor ^ One of the nice features in the new Script Portal Edition R1 web dashboard is the integrated script editor. The script editor is located in the scripts section of the ...
Install the ScriptRunner for Jira add-on. Create a new ScriptRunner custom field ("Scripted Field") in Jira, called "Sprint Latest" (or something similar). Select Free Text Searcher for the "Search Template" option for this field, since the field will be returning text values.

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