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Jun 03, 2021 · Remove the base. After laying it on a flat surface, proceed on taking the base off of the chair. The cylinder protrudes a little on the base of the chair, so to detach the base from it, you can use a mallet. Hold the legs of the chair as you hit the protruding cylinder to stabilize the chair as you hit it.

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If the problem is still there, then there is a need for you to remove the gas lift. You can follow these simple steps we made for you to follow. Now, go and fix that sinking chair. Prepare all the tools you need to remove the gas lift or cylinder. It is good to prepare what you need first to make all the materials accessible and near you.
Replacement gas strut. Firstly, set your chair onto its side and make sure that it is in a stable position, then use the rubber mallet to gently tap on the centre of the base of the chair to remove it. Adjust the wrench to fit securely around the existing cylinder, then twist anticlockwise it until it releases from the chair.
2 Insert wider end of cylinder into hole at center of base 3 Lower chair top snugly onto top end of cylinder (remove plastic cylinder cap rst) in 4 Activate cylinder to its lowest point 5 Sit fully into seat and adjust for desired height That s it! Your body s weight will do the rest. Keep It Together OM chairs thrive when treated well.
In the first step, remove the wheelbase. You will need a hammer. Now, pound on the bottom of the chair cylinder with a hammer. When the cylinder is released, try to remove the gas Cylinder. In the next step beat the mechanism with a hammer, while doing so, keep hold of the piston. Use the WD-40 spray.
Jan 23, 2018 · WD-40 (Only necessary for older chairs or when you're having a difficult time removing parts of the chair. Step 1. Tip the chair onto its side. Step 2. Use the rubber mallet to tap the base of the chair away from the seat of the chair. Do this until you can easily remove the base from the rest of the chair. Step 3: The cylinder will be left. Use the pipe wrench to clamp tightly onto the top of the gas lift and twist and then pull up in order to remove the cylinder.
Positioning the office chair this way makes removing the gas cylinder easier. Hold one of the base legs in one hand and apply pressure upwards as if you are lifting the office chair. With the hammer, strike the bottom of the office chair gas cylinder column that typically protrudes from the underside of the office chair base.
6. Housing, Base & Cylinder Removal Remove Gas cylinder from housing and base as shown. Remove casters from base and place all in respective materials bin. Note: Use care when handling the Gas cylinder. Avoid direct application of force using hammer, as it may damage the cylinder. Tools Required Safety Glasses Flat Screwdriver Pliers Hammer
Jan 21, 2015 · Remove it from the chair by twisting it until it comes free along with the chair base. To help loosen it you may need to use a pipe wrench or spray it with some aerosol lubricant. Once you have removed the cylinder and base, turn the base over and knock out the old cylinder by hitting the end of it with a rubber mallet.

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