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A pontoon boat is a flat boat that relies on two or three metal pontoons to float. The pontoons, or tubes, are what keep the boat afloat while allowing a flat deck. Pontoon boats are excellent recreational vehicles because their flat decks allow for lounge areas, stand up bars, tables, sun pads, and other types of deluxe accommodations.

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Test 25 different Pontoon Boats and write reviews of the best. The result is 15 of the best Pontoon Boats on the market today. Joao Paulo Carvalho. Journalist ... Powered by a Mercury Verado 350 outboard, the Harris Solstice 250 SLEC presents an excellent performance with a top speed over 51 mph.
Award Winning Pontoon Boats by Harris. Harris Boats has been building pontoon boats for over 60 years. Luxury pontoon boats made for entertaining.
South Bay designs excellent pontoons that are beautiful and reliable. Anyone who's looking for a pontoon that provides the full package should look no further than South Bay pontoons. These boats will give you beautifully crafted boats that are sleek, stylish, and chocked full of amenities.When you buy a South Bay pontoon, you're not getting … South Bay Pontoon Reviews: Top Quality and ...
6 Biggest Disadvantages of Pontoon Boats. Even if a pontoon boat does not have any failures or mechanical issues, that doesn't mean that a pontoon does not have any disadvantages over other vessel types. 1. Speed. One common issue with a pontoon boat is speed. Pontoon boats generally have a top speed of about 30 miles per hour.
Pontoon Boats SportToon Flexible floorplan choices means making the most of your ride, and everyone will notice the iconic profile of a TriToon made pontoon boat coming down the channel and sailing across waves.
REGENCY® Pontoons offers boaters an all-inclusive luxury pontooning experience. Each model offers a full complement of standard comfort, convenience and performance amenities to ensure relaxation on the water and elegant entertainment with family and friends. Luxury, beauty, comfort, performance and peace of mind—all standard onboard every ...
EverythingPontoon is your online store for Pontoon furniture, boat carpet, pontoon/boat accessories, pontoon deck restoration, pontoon seats, fishing seats, pontoon parts, and more. Why settle for less? Don't forget, you can call us anytime at 866-820-6142 and we will help you get the perfect fit and style to meet your needs.
Sep 28, 2017 · Harris is the flagship brand of pontoons for Brunswick, and they carry that flag very well. There are many pontoon boat manufacturers in the boating industry today. At last check, there were over 50 boat builders in the pontoon market. Although many of these companies make acceptable pontoon boats, they are far from exceptional.

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