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Electrical Grounding Strap. Ground Strap. Fits . HMMWV and other Common Applications Requiring an Electrical Grounding Strap. M35, M35A1, M35A2, M35A3, M36, M36A1 ...

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A ground strap is an electrical component that grounds the engine to the chassis. This is done so that electrical components connected to your engine, like your alternator and distributor, can use it to complete their electrical circuits. A broken or corroded ground strap can cause your starting, charging, and ignition systems to work poorly, or not function at all.
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Parker suggests grounding all hose assemblies that contain grounding elements. Hose components such as helical wires and static wires may be used to safely conduct a static charge to ground. Care should be taken to properly prepare, fabricate and test industrial hose assemblies for electrical conductivity.
of braided ground strap technologies to both commercial and military aerospace customers, as well as US Navy and a broad range of mass transit applications. Our ground strap technologies are exactingly designed with appropriate conductive and dissipative materials for each application. Ultra-lightweight ground straps with highly
This 12-hour live online Shipboard Electrical Grounding Training course covers the increased use of electrical and electronic equipment aboard Naval ships, which introduces the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems to ship operation and performance.
Inspect the grounding and bonding straps to ensure that they are free of corrosion which will adversely affect performance, and are not frayed or cut more than 25% of the original strap. i. No more than four ground wires should be connected to a common ground stud. Ground modules in accordance with MIL-T-81714 may be used for multiple grounds.
I believe the ground strap is supposed to go to the ignition shielding. It appears your car no longer has the complete shielding/cover set-up. The wire in question is the tach filter, and yes, it does go to the tach. ______________. Joel Adams.

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